Author: Oliver Zhou <> <>
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License: Common Public License 1.0
BSCBrowser is GUI application to give developer a friendly interface to access the contents of Microsoft bsc file.
It also provides many classic IDE features such as multi-tab source code editing, syntax coloring, Find in Files, bookmark management.
A BSC file is a comprehensive database that contains information about project created by Visual C++ compiler.
It supports bsc file produced by Visual C++ 6.0/2002/2003/2005.

Major Features:
  • Find project symbol very fast
  • Find symbol definitions and references
  • View class hierarchy
  • View class member
  • View Call/Caller graph
  • Syntax coloring for c++ source file
  • Tabbed MDI interface + Docking windows
  • Navigation History and in-file symbol navigation
  • Enhanced tool tip:
  •     member list view is able to show original full symbol signature via tool tip
  •     Reference browser is able to show 10 lines context source code via tool tip
  • Project module files navigation
  • Advanced bookmark management (navigation and serialization)
  • Fast Find in Files (support filter by project directory)
  • Drag and drop bsc file from Windows Explorer


Project Information and Dependency

This project file is created by Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
You need to download Windows Template Library ( before building the project.
You need to add WTL include folder path to your VC Include directory.
The WTL 8.0 Final is recommended.
Browser Toolkits for Microsoft Visual C ++ 7.0 (msbsc70.dll) is used to read the bsc file.
Scintilla Edit Control ( (SciLexer.dll) is used to view the source file
CTags project ( (ctags.exe) is used to parse language object.

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